We´ve only played this song for one tour (I might be wrong here:). Anyway,  I like it a lot. Very, very fun to play!


Playing with Pat Mastelotto (drums) was a great experience! I mean the guy is really a legend. Being part of Mr Mister with the  world # 1 hit ”Broken Wings” was of course unbelievably big. Then also being the drummer in the iconic Art-Prog band ”King Crimsone” might be even bigger! (at least in my world:)

Pat & Jonas

So what more to be said about this tour. Well, we managed to crash into a moose! And this was just in the beginning of the tour. Lucky enough, no one was injured but our German driver said resigned : Tour Kaputt!

Pat making notes

The first couple of days I was so exhausted after some extremely hard work, to drive us to Oslo and back. (And playing the gigs too) After this the Bus company came up with a new bus!