Today I send my thoughts to Bob Moog. The founder and creator of the Minimoog (and much more) He was a genius creating so many wonderful instrument. The Minimoog became the mother ship for every keyboarder.

I remember the first synthesizer I lay my hands on. I was standing in this shop named Hagströms fingering on this Korg 700. I remember, I a bit later came home to my Mum saying, ”Today I played something I must have”. Of course I didn´t get it. But my passion for synthesizers was born this day.


And the passion remains the same. Some years ago I did a surgery. When I woke up from the anesthesia my first sentence was, looking at a nurse standing besides a device of some kind, ”Don´t touch my synths”!

I can still feel this passion after 40 years. I do love analog synthesizers. My next step will be to get myself a modular system.This will be nerdishly wet!

Anyway, this track is me playing my Moog Sub 37. Just playing some patches in one take. I also had a T Rex Replica.