Right on schedule I´ve started to work with my next project ”The Swedish Family-The Lost Tapes”.

As you might know, The Swedish Family was one of the major bands we had back in the early days of rock. With hits like ”Stoneheart”, eh ……. and much more, the band became the leading rock band of the 70´s. They influenced bands like The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin to mention a few.

Today I´ve started to work with the early recordings. We have collected tapes from all over and sorry to say some of them are in really bad shape. So the restoration work will be a gigantic piece of work!

Lucky enough with modern engineering I have good hope about a final result.



The first ”Swedish Family-Vintage Prog” was a mysterious project I launched back in 2004. All of a sudden a band appeared, claiming they have had some major prog hits back in the 70s. With their goofy names like ”Inge Naning” (Noi Dea) they also insisted on being the band initiating ”The Summer of Love” 1967!!!???

Swedish Family

And talking about love, the name ”Swedish Family” came to me in the 90s. I worked with four Russian actors in a Culture Exchange program. Then one morning, when I was about to pick them up, I went into their house and I found them all sitting naked around the breakfast table. ”We´re acting Swedish Family” they said!!! (You may try to find out what the name ”Swedish Family” really means in Russia!)

Ulf Wallander

Ulf Wallander

So how did it sound? The Swedish Family had their roots in what we can call the Swedish instrumental folk rock. Swedish Family was inspired by bands like Kaipa (Today´s Kaipa Da Capo) and Kebenekaise. The real names behind Swedish Family, playing on the album Vintage Prog was; Hasse Bruniusson Drums, Roine Stolt electric guitars & bass and Ulf Wallander saxophones. The rest was played by me.


Hasse Bruniusson

The album Vintage Prog has some funny background stories. I didn´t let Hasse listen to the music before the actual drum recording. So Hasse experienced the same thing as you would feel if you joined a jam band. You really don´t know what will happen! Thinking about this I have to admit Hasse performed absolutely brilliantly!

The recording of the guitar was an attempt to keep it as retro as possible. No delays over 300ms and tons of chorus! Another thing, Roine as a bass player is so good! I can mention that he in fall 2015 will go on tour with the iconic guitar player Steve Hackett. Roine will play some guitars but mainly join the band as a bass player! I can also tell you that Roine is the man behind most of the bass lines on the early Flower Kings recordings. His brother Michael was more in the band as a live bass player.

Roine Piano

Roine Stolt

Then some words about ”Swedish Family II The Lost Tapes”. The recordings will start the 15th of May this year. I can confirm that Roine Stolt will be a part of the line up as well as Hasse Bruniusson! I´m so happy to be able to work with Hasse again! (news) More members TBA. The music is still having the roots in the Swedish Folk Rock from the 70s. But now also with some influences from the Swedish Balkan Prog we used to have back in the old days. Estimated release Aug 2015.

More info about the project ”Swedish Family II- The Lost Tapes” will come.