If I was a researcher ”You Are” would be my PhD. I did spend many years working on this album. Did a lot of research, paying so much attention to every detail. I really wanted this album to be so beautiful.

The concept was based on a statement, everyone is alone! And to explain this, when you´re born but in particular, when you die you are so much alone. No one can do this job for you. And this is something we can´t change. When the final call is here, you have to leave everything, alone!

Of course this fact will probably cause you a lot of anguish and pain. I would say especially today when we spend so much money, time and efforts to ”feel good”. It appears like the modern time lost perspective and contact with the fundamentals of life! It has become clinical and clean since we look upon death like something ugly or even worse horrifying.

The album ”You Are” is seven stories about life and not always from the Sunny Side.

We have the first song being a sort of overture to it all. Here I set the borders  for the entire idea. And yes, I did fall into the trap saying it was a bit better before. And in some aspects I think it was. Children didn´t have to grow up too fast. Competition was more on a human level. In other aspects we have improved greatly.

The second song is about a little girl suffering from anorexia. This is a of course an extreme loneliness for everyone involved. The entire family will suffer hard. Mostly, I found this kind of disease highly ”shame weighted”. It could be an eye disease, no one wants to see.

”Food”, continues the eating part of the CD. Pretty much the opposite to the previous song. Loneliness is still a fact! Whatever may come up under the mental hood, ”digest and swap the tears”.

”Dad is coming home” after another night in the wrong bed. Ugly and so much away from any social acceptance, still a reality everyday, everywhere!

We have other kind of ”shut down” abilities being a person not feeling too well. Drugs in any form is probably the easiest way to escape. ”Private Skies” is a story about this Dude falling asleep being on duty, he get sacked and put all his blame on The Boss.

American Standards is a song a bit away from the others. I got so fed up watching sic TV shows about Extreme Makeovers. Perfectly normal persons went into a physical change program, to become ”beautiful”.

The last song Silicon Bimbo Run is pretty much self explanatory. We have so many stories about the seduction of Hollywood fame. And yes when you are in Hollywood, sitting in a white Corvette, cruising up on Sunset Boulevard late Saturday, well it´s easy to feel: ”I want more”. I know!

Anyway, a lot of energy was put into this album and I feel it has a lot of potential. I´ve decided I want to play the music live! So pretty soon I´ll knock on your door! Enjoy // Tomas

PS You can but both the physical album and/or the digital download from my web shop.