This is the first song I composed for my upcoming project named ”GODS”. This project will all be about the opposite to science. I know science have busy days telling us empirically, ”There is no higher ground”. Big Bang is a fact! Well the first chapters in the Bible are about the creation of Universe and Man. From a science point of view, I would say leave the debate walk-over! This is so easy to beat! Indeed Big Bang is a fact! Still and only as a parenthesis, the Genesis is in the beginning, pretty close to science. ”And there was light”.

The next 500000000 pages however, are about ethical rules. Do ”this” and you will be unhappy. Do ”that” and you´ll get to heaven. May be so, I´ll not take anything for granted. You have to remember evolution. The texts were written long ago. Still in its fundamental, I find many rules highly up to date. Kill someone and you´re fucked! Besides, I look upon the texts strictly metaphorically.

As I see it, GODS are needed – in whatever form – when Man is doubting her/his existence. Those negative thoughts could be life-long chains, preventing a person to live her/his short life fully.

Ok we got anti-depressive pills to adjust serotonin & nor-adrenalin. All good,because once you´re stuck in low land you might need help to once again rise. I have no hard times accepting such treatment.

But my conclusion is, what may cause this turn down is lack of hope.

Your life is in the  grey routine? You may have financial problems? Or could it be a relationship meltdown? What about your career? Envy? Addictions? Loneliness….and so on.

Wouldn´t it be a relief to feel hope? Tormented enough, wouldn´t you do anything to achieve a real change?


Hope is so basic in all of us. It doesn´t matter if you are Black, White, Yellow, Red, Purple, Brown or just extremely colorless! We all need hope! If you are successful you may just go with the flow. BUT if you have hard times, you´ll need something to hold on to! In this very moment I feel  there is a place for GODS.

I don´t think we have anything in science providing the ordinary man hope. I think science is more about gratitude. It appears like science been taking over the religious mantra about feeling gratitude.

Lets say we have a man suffering from a lethal decease. So a.t.m. where is the scientific hope? In a new medicine? Hmmm doubt it. But for every child being rescued from leukemia we all feel gratitude! But hope….?

In the end of the line, this is what I feel. Modern science have made it a bit ”neanderthal” to believe in higher spirit, a God or force beyond modern explanation.

I say, there is a place for both!

thank you for reading this far // Tomas