japan poster

Soon we´ll go back to Japan again and it goes without saying I´m thrilled! Just take a look at this beautiful poster for the Tokyo Festival Hall. To headline this festival well, fun will be ahead!

I remember last time i Tokyo, I had a gigant ”where is my laptop” trauma. I forgot it in the van taking us back to the hotel. Before I had a confirmation about where it was, damn, that was so stressful! 8 hours later I could relax.

tomas live

The thing is, without this computer I will have no dedicated sounds on stage. Then of course, everything else there is about losing a computer! And to be honest, this is not the first time I forget important stuff. I forgot money in Rio de Janeiro, I forgot my wallet and passport in Montpelier France! (BIG TRAUMA!)

So you never know what may happen when you´re on a tour! And talking about surprises, when we played in London a few years back, who came and joined the concert? Here I´m standing with Mr Steve Hackett and Roine! Great fun!


So, see you soon!

japan mindre