Right on schedule I´ve started to work with my next project ”The Swedish Family-The Lost Tapes”.

As you might know, The Swedish Family was one of the major bands we had back in the early days of rock. Hits like ”Stoneheart”, eh ……. and much more, the band became the leading rock band of the 70´s. They influenced bands like The Beatles, The Doors, Tom Waits to mention a few.

Today I´ve started to work with the early recordings. We have collected tapes from all over and sorry to say some of them are in really bad shape. So the restoration will be a gigantic piece of work!

Lucky enough with modern engineering I have good hope about a final result.

Just to give you an idea about the shape of some songs….

Early recording of the song ”Dal-Jons Joller”

This recording was found in the basement of Studio ”Egy Fáradt Gulyás” in Budapest, Hungary. We know ”The Swedish Family” made a tour in Hungary back in `72. Probably what happened was some sort of improvised studio session between two gigs. Everything around this tour seems to be a bit confused so it´s hard to come up with facts!

Anyway I´m happy to now be able to work with the tapes even if it´s going to be a hell of work!

More info will come / Tomas