Today I offer you the digital re-release of The Swedish Family-Vintage Prog. This package comes with the album of course but also 10 demo songs. Believe me the demo songs are not even close to the final result.

From the beginning, I think I had another idea with this project. But when you start to interact with people, ideas tend to evolve and turn the result into something else. Something unpredictable and in the same time, something meant to be. The beauty of art when working with other people is this huge X factor. I guess it´s about losing control.

When I was younger I felt my ideas were sort of holy ground. No one had the rights to change my ideas. Pretty naive I would say. But it comes with the package of being young lol.

2 of the songs in the demo package are never released.

I can also add that in about 4 days I will start working with the 2:nd Swedish Album ”The Lost Tapes”. This is going to be great great fun. Roine Stolt & Hasse Bruniusson are both ready for this project. Could I ever ask for a better line up when producing an album with Swedish Folk Prog. Hmmm wouldn´t think so. They are both part of the Swedish Folk Prog history.. Roine being part of ”Kaipa”, Hasse being part of ”Samla Mammas Manna”. So prepare your ”linsgryta”, your ”stormöte” and re-fresh your ”fiolkurs”! Get ready for the ultimate ancient prog experience!

You can purchase the Swedish Family here!

I also have a a few physical Swedish Family CD´s left. We´re talking about less than 10 items. Anyone interested in this send me an email


PS BTW the cover art was taken from my old Hammond (1963) M-100 manual. Isn´t that a beauty!

Swedish Family