She belongs to another tree


Ladies & Gentlemen

I can announce the release of my new solo album, ”She Belongs to Another Tree”.

Prepare for a psychedelic roller coaster influenced by Tomita, Vangelis, Jarre, Bo Hansson, Chopin, Beatles and much more. It goes without saying that this adventure will sound a bit like Tomas Bodin too!

So free your mind and dive into this fluffy retro trip of emotive structures, colorized by red wishes, blue tears and pastel green of happiness. Define your musical Vortex, spinning in this joyful Pumpkin Land!

It´s time to put the 3D Mushroom Ears on and explore unknown territory. Laugh away the tickling leaves and embrace the irresistible woody smell of a non-quantized freedom. Inhale the Hi-Fi and wave your Inner Wand over the handcrafted Fields of Strawberry Dust!

Do you dare to extend your Universe and digest a ”Tree Waltz” performed by ”The Paranormals” Get stung by a Zap Goblin or learn everything there is to know about inwards climbing… in other words,

Turn On Tune In Drop Out!

Available in Stereo!

Song list:

1 Dried Leaves from the Sky 14.47

2 When a Ballerina Fish made Her Gum Crawl 5.20

3 Damn, I was Stung by a Zap Goblin 5.36

4 She belongs to another Tree 11.52

5 A Drama Queen in a Sky Bar 3.05

6 The Sloths are Never Climbing Inwards 7.26

7 Dancing a Tree in a Paranormal Café 8.19

8 Night Forest 8.04

The beautiful cover art photo is made by Tina Kramath

Buy from the web shop as a digital download.