I´m very proud and filled with gratitude! They are more than I deserve.

Back in  1996 and for the album ”An Ordinary Night in My Ordinary Life”, I wrote a song called ”Three Stories”. The index names were ”Miranda the Queen, Samuel the Knight & Adam the Prophet”. And today, almost 20 years later I can only agree, they are still my Queen, my Knight and my Prophet!

Right now I´m longing back to the summer house, to see you all at ”Bryggan”


I also would like to direct a special warm heart to….

Samuel. This brilliant young person who created this web page. Impressively self-taught, with an eye for design, mind for a function and creativity just for fun! THANK YOU SAMUEL!

Then we have Miranda, this hard working, fantastic woman! You have taught me, so much there is to know! You came up with the this whole idea´. But then again, this is your profession, making people seen & heard in this whirlwind of ”infouria”! You are one of a kind ….. one of i kind! THANK YOU MIRANDA!

Adam you are working your butts off ending your college! What an effort! What a Hero! It will be such a beautiful day when we´ll sing ”För han har tagit studenten……..” I´m so curious about your next step! I can see no limits! THANK YOU ADAM FOR BEING WHAT YOU ARE!