”Dad is coming home” is probably one of my stories I like the most. We are talking about something revealed in full disgrace and in the same time so humanly common.

I don´t know the statistics.

How often are people cheating on one and another?  I know it happens all the time. Probably Zillions of times every day. Then again, is cheating the worst thing that may happen? Or is cheating a symptom of a dying ship doomed to wreck ashore soon enough?

I´m so proud about the musical content! JJ Marsh guitars are so fab!!!! Michael is singing, as he would die the very next day! Marcus plays his drums from heaven sent…oh yeah no news! Beautifully and as a big contrast, Simon (The Moon Safari) is keeping the harmonies so  perfectly  in the pocket. Another Dear friend of mine doing the high pitch veil is Janne Hellman. Bless!

And isn´t this what life is all about …sometimes so perfect, next moment so bloody awful?

When it comes to the production…well I recorded the Cicadas in Pennsylvania. I found the ”domestic fight” somewhere….I haven´t got a clue;)

Listen and please give comments.


PS Need to add, a Barbershop can´t be a Barbershop with  a slice of dirty language. So relax there is no Barbershop in this song. DS