Dudes in TokyoThey say we got a couple of cities that never sleeps. Well I´ve been in a few of them. New York most definitely (this is the Mother ship of the Grand Pulse Cities ). Barcelona, absolutely in the same league. Caracas, well I did dance the ”forgotten maracas” in this huge salsa club  some years ago….late, late, late. You might ask about this ”forgotten” thing? Well if you ever saw Roger Moore on the dance floor you´ll know what I mean. I felt like a stiff dead fish among the ”Swinging Herds of Sensuality”. We also got Moscow and St. Petersburg. For sure a  never ending night… (still be aware of this bridge thing in St. Petersburg around 2 am)

Barracuda in TokyoAnd talking about dead fish. The Prominent Super Extravaganza trio ”THE BARRACUDA TRIANGLE” met again. More alive than ever. We will go to Bahamas this year for yet another prog cruise. How lucky we are! More beautifully shining than ever!

Here is the opening track from The Barracuda Triangle ”Electro Shock Therapy”. You can buy the album as a Digital download from my web shop. Alternative the physical CD from Reingold Records.

There is always a new day after some fun time. This first day back home was surprisingly good! Yes I did have jet lag times 2! I was so exhausted! But returning to school, meeting my young students again was honestly, equally rewarding as standing on a huge stage. Damn I like educate students! This moment when you see this light of possibilities in their eyes! Unbeatable!

Some of you reading my previous logs/vlogs might ask.. so what about this radiation issue in Japan. Well, no one talked about it. Life was pretty much the same as it ever was. My body…hmm it feels the same but you´ll never know do you? Anyway, for me now back to my routines. Organic food, green thinking! And greenish it starts to be… Spring is about to erupt for real even in this northern country. Green Day is also cool music. Be well and once again, thank you Tokyo! Hope to see you soon! //  Stay Green Tomas

Spring in Sweden Green